WorxInvest, a joint journey.

In 2018, SD Worx’ investment activities have been incorporated in a separate legal entity. Since then, SD Worx’ growth accelerated due to the sourcing of dedicated skills and an increased emphasis on external growth.

As parent company of SD Worx, WorxInvest is pursuing the track record of SD Worx on a journey to become a diversified investment company investing in private equity funds and small- and medium-sized companies.

WorxInvest builds on the heritage of SD Worx and broadens its horizon

Indirect investments

to build a diversified portfolio of fund investments

Direct investments

to become an engaged long-term owner that invests in and builds businesses with a positive impact on society

Real Estate

SD Worx Real Estate is the sole owner of the SD Worx HQ and office property, which is rented by both SD Worx and third parties

Our team

Acting as one

Performant and committed

Acting as one

Our team of experts, each with their respective strengths, work closely together to make the best strategic decisions for the growth of your business.

  • Inspired by its heritage
  • Operating in an agile and lean way
  • Recognizing each other’s contribution
  • ESG committed

Performant and committed

We can leverage on a relevant network of contacts in various disciplines.

  • Passionate, complimentary and multi-disciplinary team
  • Building on its expertise and skills
  • Access to a broader network
  • Specific access to IT/HR knowledge

Our values

A holistic approach

Respect for company culture and stakeholders

Determination to deliver results

Long-term commitment

Active and fact-based support

ESG is at the core of the investment strategy

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