First ever ‘company’ food forest planted in Mechelen (Belgium)

Employees of Protime and SD Worx will soon be 'literally and figuratively' picking the fruits of the food forest

Picking an apple, pear or plum from a tree during an outdoor meeting or lunch break and eating it? For employees of Protime and SD Worx in Mechelen, it will be possible in a few years' time. On Monday and yesterday, the first fruit trees were planted by an experienced contractor of what should become a real food forest in two years' time. This makes Protime and SD Worx the first companies in our country with a food forest on their own site. This company garden will also be open to the neighbourhood.  
It will be a 'fruit or food forest', where you can pick a piece of fruit from the trees as a snack. We are the first companies in Belgium with a real 'food forest' on our own site, where everything will be edible: from apples, pears, berries and plums, .... In total, there will be 16 trees with a crown height of a nice 2 to 3.5 metres, which can already produce fruit within two to three years. And in a second phase, we will plant bushes including raspberry bushes, strawberry plants, and other goodies. For this, we will collaborate with a nearby school.
With this food forest we want to make a positive contribution to the environment of this neighbourhood, with a social impact for our employees, visitors and neighbours. Instead of excavating the 500 sq m embankment, we are now providing a green space for relaxation. This is a good example of how we can make Environment, Social & (good) Governance (ESG) coincide. More images will follow in spring, when our trees are in bloom!